Ordering an Album


This page should make ordering your wedding album as easy as possible. I’ve outlined every step of the process from selecting your favourite images all the way through to your album arriving at your front door.

Hopefully the information below will give you a very clear idea of what to expect and how to ensure you get the perfect Album for you.

While going through the below steps, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a quick email at hello@tarahcoonan.com


1. Selecting Your Favourite Photos

Make a night of it! Book a night off in your diary where you can sit down with some nibbles and a glass of your favourite drink and go through your Wedding Photos. Having spoken to previous couples about the best way to make their selection they’ve all confirmed that this is the best way to do it. Not only does it give you a chance to relive your wedding day, but it also puts you in the right frame of mind to make the best selection possible. The purpose of your Wedding Album is to help you relive all the awesomeness of your wedding day by reminding you what it felt like to be there.

I recommend selecting 80 photos for your album which will be spread across your 40 page (20 spreads) album. Some pages may have 1 photo on them, others may have 10. It varies based on the design that best tells the story of your wedding day. I may also add in a few more photos from your wedding if it helps with the story telling element. As detailed in step 4, you will get a chance to fully review this design and make changes before your album is printed.

You can make your photo selection for your album using your Online Gallery. In your Online Gallery you will notice that in the bottom left corner of each photo there is a heart icon. By clicking on this icon you can add the photo to a favourite list. For every photo you want to go in your album, you just need to click on the heart icon and add it to the same list. I will then be able to see and download those images once you let me know that you’re done.

Alternatively, if you are finding the process overwhelming or you just can’t find the time then I can select the images for you for an extra £30


2. Complete the Album Ordering Form

The below form captures all the information I need to design your Wedding Album and gives you the opportunity to personalise your albums and order mini 6×6 copies (often popular with parents). It also highlights the Terms & Conditions of the process so that you know exactly what to expect.


3. Make Payment

Once I have received your Album Order Form I will send you an invoice for payment, based on your album choices. The payment can be made via Bank Transfer (my account details will be at the bottom of the invoice). As soon as the invoice is covered (and I have received your favourite images) I will begin designing your Album.


4. Review Your Album Design & Provide Feedback

Once I have completed your Album Design, I will send it over for you to review. Similar to when you selected your photos for the album, for this step I recommend you arrange a time to sit down together and go through your Album design in one sitting. Once you have provided your feedback I will redesign the layout of your Album to incorporate the changes, if any.

Please note that you can have only one round of changes included in the price. During this round you can request as many changes as you like (most couples request very few changes, sometimes none). If you did want to make another round of changes, these would cost £40 per round. I take a lot of care in designing the layout of your Album to best tell the story of your wedding day. As such, each round of changes takes significant time, which is why I charge for additional rounds.


5. Approve Your Final Album Design Before It Goes To Print

Once I’ve made any changes to your Album design that you’ve requested, I will send you back the design for final approval. After you confirm you are happy with the design I will send it to the printers and within 20 days (can vary based on time of year) your Wedding Album will be arriving at your front door in a lovely Kraft presentation box.


To check the cover options available and pricing please do look at my ALBUM BROCHURE HERE

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